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Integrate Panorama VESA code into SNAP...

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As described in bug #3 on some systems I tested VESA support would not work properly. It would result in a kernel trap when PM got up or a weird painted desktop and then a hung system. If this is caused by bad set MTRR registers or the VESA code might not be so code.

SNAP supports VESA standard 2 and 3. Eugene told me that that he was told by lightelf (who worked on Panorama) VESA 2 specs seem to be implemented better then VESA 3 specs. This could *possibly* explain some of the problems with SNAP. Panorama only supports the VESA 2 standard.

When integrating Panorama we need to take a couple of things into account:

  • Taking screenshots of for example Virtual PC window session is not possible. * SDL full screen mode does not seem to work.

Both of these problems could be caused by the shadow buffer
that Panorama uses. Rudiger Ihle at one time wanted to look at this because QT uses DIVE as well. He did not get around working on this.
But he could be contacted to provide more details.

So when integrating the Panorama code in the SNAP code we need to make possibly only support VESA 2 standard. Also we need to be careful with shadow buffer. And could consider to only use it in VESA mode.

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