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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#23 Heavy hang on SMP computer defect blocker Beta1 wrapper
#22 Hang on start of Seamonkey defect critical wrapper
#27 Crashes other programs defect major Beta1 wrapper
#30 Flash 10 + Debug kernel = Hard Hang defect major wrapper
#31 Excessive Flash10 Hangs defect major wrapper
#32 Technology Preview 2 - Local storage not active - Keyboard input not recognized. defect major Next wrapper
#64 Flash Prev 2 - "non-existing api KERNEL32.DLL ->VerSetConditionMask defect major Enhanced wrapper
#15 'press esc to exit fullscreen' text does not disappear from fullscreen youtube movie defect Feedback Pending Beta2 wrapper
#16 UNIAUD goes crazy when playing two streams... defect Feedback Pending Beta1 wrapper
#26 Hard hang at any sign of FLASH content defect Feedback Pending Beta1 wrapper
#33 crashes OpenOffice defect Feedback Pending wrapper
#36 Locks up requiring Top to kill. defect Feedback Pending Beta1 wrapper
#51 VE_FMS_CONNECT_FAILED defect Feedback Pending 0.4.3 wrapper
#90 Unable to install Flash defect Feedback Pending Enhanced wrapper
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